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The Love 4 Life Association was founded with a single goal: make the world a better place. We work towards our goal by collaborating with local schools and government to create chapters where members dedicate themselves to reviving and inspiring a passion for life in their peers through empathy, education and unity. The Love 4 Life Association is available to those seeking a safe space where they can be accepted for who they are. Our programs are devoted to community building, self-improvement and suicide prevention so, we can encourage everyone to not only live their life, but to love their life.


Initially founded as a high school club in 2012, the Love 4 Life Association has since grown to have multiple chapters throughout California. It was founded by Wendy Romero who took an inspiring step forward to make the world a better place. With the goal of spreading awareness on bullying and suicide prevention, here at Love 4 Life we are determined to provide an unique experience of peer connection. Since then, Love 4 Life has been steadily growing in membership as more students gravitate towards the prospect of not only having an accepting space in their school, but also making a difference in their community by participating in an organization they believe in. Keeping the momentum, Love 4 Life started working with the City of Perris in 2015 and gained a greater presence in the community and has been providing a space outside and within of the educational environment for local families to find support and a sense of belonging. In 2017, Love 4 Life was incorporated as a non profit 501(c)3 organization in California where it is now recognized as an entity operating for the benefit of the public. Since then, Love 4 Life has stayed true to their foundational goal of making the world a better place and has been steadily growing a collective of people driven to make a positive impact on the world beginning with their community and peers.





Wendy Romero is the current President and CEO of Love 4 Life Association. She founded Love 4 Life Association in 2012 as a freshman in high school. She oversees all business national and foreign affairs. Through setting and inspiring Love 4 Life's vision, the organization continuous to make a difference. She earned her B.A. in Political Science/Public Services from the University of California, Riverside.  She is currently a 2022 MBA candidate at the University of California, Riverside.




Brenda Carolina is Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of the Board at Love 4 Life Association. She oversees the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of Love 4 Life. Ms. Carolina leads the current chapters of the organization located throughout California. In 2016 she founded the a Love 4 Life chapter at Rancho Verde High School. She currently attends the University of California, Riverside. 





Brenda Romero is board member and Family Engagement Director of Love 4 Life Association. She focuses on the outreach and business affairs of the organization. As a parent specialist, she co-founded the Stronger Together Family Engagement Program to educate adults about bullying and suicide prevention, self-confidence, leadership, and resources available. She has been involved in the organization since being founded in 2012. 




Gypsy Alvarado is part of the Board of Directors in Love 4 Life Association. She oversees current college chapters and supervises programs throughout California. She was Vice President of the Love 4 Life chapter at Rancho Verde High School in 2016. In 2018, she founded Love 4 Life in the City of Santa Cruz at UCSC. She currently attends the University of California, Santa Cruz.  

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