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Everybody has a story to tell. Here we have a few members of Love 4 Life sharing theirs. They explain their reasons why they have joined Love 4 Life and why they will continue to be part of our community.


Sergio Venegas 

Sergio Venegas believes that Love 4 Life is good for anyone who wants to talk about their feeling and feel comfortable while doing so. Sergio has been a part of our club for a few months now, but he knows that Love 4 Life is a positive resource, that will benefit anyone who wants to be helped or inspired. "Sometimes you gotta fight to get your point across", is what Mr. Venegas says after being asked what motivational saying gets him through the day. 

Macy Núñez 

Ever since Macy Núñez joined love 4 life she noticed that she started opening up to more people and she began to have better communication with her family. "I'm happy here, with this program," she said with a very big smile. Macy has been to a part of our association for a year and she is excited to continue her journey with Love 4 Life; she wants everyone to know that "You're perfect the way you are and dont let anyone bring you down!" 


Cesar Muñoz

"I come because the environment is amazing. I feel like I could talk about anything that's going on in my life right now and they won't laugh or make fun of me." is what Cesar Muñoz answered when asked why he joined L4L. Also, when asked what saying gets him through the day, he responded back with "the next dollar could come any minute now!" This hardworking senior is getting ready to graduate this year, shout out to the class of 2020

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