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Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I join Love 4 Life Association?
Through attending our Love 4 Life meetings at different locations. We have a Love 4 Life chapter at the City of Perris, Rancho Verde High School, Orange Vista High School, Perris High School, University of California, Riverside, and University of California, Santa Cruz. You can find the contact information for each chapter under our Chapters Tab for more information on meeting dates, locations, and times. 

Is there a fee for the membership? 
No. There are no fees for joining Love 4 Life and becoming a L4L member.

How can I bring Love 4 Life to my school for a presentation?
Contact Love 4 Life Association representatives through our email ( or our phone number (951) 420-5027. They will direct you to the Love 4 Life chapter depending on your location. 

How can I start a Love 4 Life Chapter at my school? 
You may contact the organization itself through our email ( or our phone number (951) 420-5027. Love 4 Life Association can be founded as a school club at the high school level and as a chapter at different cities. Assistance from an organization representative is provided, a constitution, and a contract for the safety of our youth. 

Do you provide community service? 
Yes. We participate in many community events. As well as, through the preparation of campaigns and the actual act of campaigning. There are many more community service opportunities provided in Love 4 Life. 

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